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Twitter Introduced a Feature to Schedule Tweets

Twitter rolled out a new feature for scheduling user tweets for web-version only as of now. Users can now schedule their tweets before up to a maximum of 18 months.

Instagram IGTV Monetization

Instagram this week announced new ways to monetize IGTV with additional features for donations. This will add new digital badges for Instagram Live that will allow users to donate money to their favorite Instagram accounts. This can only be done when the account is broadcasting.

Instagram New Feature Helps Users Clean Up Their Following List

Instagram is rolling out a new feature that allows users to group their following list into different categories

LinkedIn will soon receive Instagram-style story functionality

LinkedIn has confirmed that it will soon follow Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat with its own story feature.

The New Snapchat ad unit invites users to call or text businesses

Snapchat is launching a new ad unit that, rather than linking to a website, directs users to company calls or texts.

Google to review photos and videos uploaded to Google My Business

Google has changed the photo and video content policy for Google My Business listings. Since a mandatory exam was not in place before, you can probably expect some delay with the photos and videos appearing on a GMB profile after being uploaded.

Google Ads Extends Portfolio Auction Strategies With More Options

Google Ads is rolling out new options for portfolio auction strategies, making them compatible with more types of smart auctions. A portfolio auction strategy can help advertisers optimize the performance of multiple campaigns. It’s an automated, goal-oriented bidding strategy that brings together multiple campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

Reddit Launches Twitter-style Ad Unit: Trend Takeovers

Reddit is launching a new ad unit that is familiar to everyone who has seen Twitter’s public announcements in the “trending” section. The Trending Takeover ad offers brands the opportunity to be prominently displayed in Reddit’s “Popular” feed.

Google says paid links don’t work

John Mueller answered the question on the ability of paid links to help sites rank. He insisted that in “almost all cases” he examined it was not the links.

Updated Google Ads mobile app with new features and dark mode

Twitter has confirmed that it is testing a new feature, called Fleets, which is similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories.

Updated Google Ads mobile app with new features and dark mode

Google is updating its Google Ads app (mobile) with new optimization score features and a new dark mode option.

Encrypt the revocation of 3 million security certificates

Let’s Encrypt has announced a bug affecting more than 3 million websites using their Let’s Encrypt security certificate. Let’s Encrypt revokes more than 3 million affected certificates on March 4, 2020.

Google Expands Shopping Ads To Gmail

Google Ads informs advertisers that standard Shopping campaigns may soon reach Gmail users.

Facebook rolls out faster, easier version of Messenger

Facebook Messenger update. This is also known as “faster, smaller and simpler”.It will be rolled out to users in the coming weeks.

It has also reported that the new version of the app puts more emphasis on stories and people’s priority over chatbots.

Google Mobile-First indexing will be applied to all sites within a year

Google sends notifications via Google Search Console with alerts “Indexing issues first on mobile detected”. In these emails, he communicates the problems encountered by Google when it comes to moving this site to mobile-first indexing and also “Google plans to apply mobile-first indexing to all websites in the next six to twelve months.”

Domains ending in.Com should become more expensive

According to a new agreement between ICANN and Verisign, the price of domains ending in .com could increase in the coming years. In 10 years, the price of .com domains could cost around 70% more than their current sale price.

Google Search Console Launches New Removal Tool

This new tool temporarily prevents URLs from appearing in Google, it displays outdated content and content filtered by SafeSearch.

Google Ads (news) makes it easy to share audience lists between accounts

Google Ads introduces an easier way for administrator accounts to share audience lists across all accounts.

DuckDuckGo Adds Quick Responses to Search Results

DuckDuckGo has been spotted serving quick responses in the search results, which are largely similar to the featured Google snippets.

Google News: Google will soon allow users to customize their profile cards for search results

Google is testing the ability for users to customize their own Knowledge Graph maps that appear in search results.

Bing webmaster tools updated with a new design and new features

Bing’s new webmaster tools offer a redesigned user experience that is compatible with mobile and desktop devices. The main data store has updated to improve the speed of data retrieval. The first version of Bing’s new webmaster tools includes the following 3 key features:

  • Backlinks report the current report on incoming links integrated with the disavowal tool to create the new report on backlinks.
  • Search performance: The current page traffic and keyword research report were integrated to create a new search performance report.
  • Sitemaps: an updated version of the current sitemaps portal.

Google Partners Program Imposes New Requirements on Businesses

A new Google Partners program is going to launch later this year, Which current partner companies may require to make a number of changes. In order for businesses to maintain their Google Partner status, they will need to meet a new set of requirements that will take effect in June 2020.

Google News: Google will highlight image license information in image search results

Google and other search engines have found indexing links to private WhatsApp groups
Search engines, including Google, index invitations to private groups on WhatsApp.

Facebook’s new Creator Studio app helps manage pages on the go

Facebook is launching a Creator Studio app for iOS and Android that helps users manage page content and monitor performance. This is the first time that Facebook Creator Studio has had a mobile application, designed to accompany the more robust desktop application.

Google Maps updated with new icon and new features

Google undergoes a slight change with a new icon, new navigation tabs, and new features, As it celebrates 15 years.

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