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11 Facebook Marketing Tools to Boost Your Ads

As you know Facebook is the largest social network in the world. It is also an essential marketing platform for many businesses/companies in order to reach new and existing customers.

The main reason for businesses to place ads on Facebook is its larget network by which businesses have more chances to get traffic and engagement in their services. There are many Facebook marketing tools available online.

Check out the list of Facebook marketing tools from Facebook and third-party sites. There are tools to create an attractive ad, analyzing your ads, track campaign results, keyword searches, etc. All of these tools are free, although many also offer premium services.

Facebook marketing tools

Facebook Audience Insights

This is a free tool by Facebook which provides information about the people connected to your Facebook page, so you can create content that attracts existing and potential subscribers. You can find people’s interests and hobbies, demographics before creating an ad, and based on these insights you can target customers in your Facebook ad.

The Facebook Ad Library

This tool will provide you a collection of all the ads that appear in Facebook properties, including Instagram. However, anyone can explore the ad library.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook analytics tool useful to track growth, engagement, and monetization efforts on Facebook. You can get conversion rates and important metrics and reports for all your properties (app, website, Facebook page, and Instagram profile).

Facebook Creative Hub

This is a resource for discovering, previewing, and testing Facebook and Instagram ads. Browse the inspiration ads and find out how to create effective ads.

Facebook Ads Manager

This is the starting point for creating ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network.

You can create ads here and set campaign parameters such as goals (web traffic, leads, brand awareness, etc) and audience. Get real-time reports to improve campaign performance.

Third-party Tools

Connectio -Facebook Ads Keyword Search

This website offers facebook tools that you can use it for your Facebook ads. This tool useful to search keyword and customers’ interest in bulk at a time.

Connectio – Facebook Ads ROI Calculator

This is another tool from Connectio by which you can calculate the ROI of your Facebook ads. You can measure the profitability of your Facebook ads.

Adespresso – Facebook Ad Examples

This one of the great tool which will help you to get the best examples of Facebook ad formats (photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, leads, message ads, etc.).

You can get ideas of most likely facebook ads before creating your own ad.

Coschedule – Headline Analyzer

The most important for any ad is its appealing headline which attracts more users to click on your ad and come to your page. If you write a good headline for your ad, there is a great chance of getting more traffic as well as engagement.

This tool will analyze your headline and help you to write a powerful headline for your Facebook ads which will increase more traffic and shares.


This is a content marketing, curation, and social media management tool. This tool identifies attractive stories that suit your audience, ranks them, and then queues them up for sharing on your social media accounts.

In addition to the content recommended by the tool, you can also create your own unique posts, which means you can use this tool to manage all of your Facebook shares.


This is the most used tool by the advertisers. This is very important for ad creative to have attractive images, videos, and animations to get more traffic and user engagement.

This tool will help in creating attractive designs for your ad photos, videos, and animations. Check out if you have not used it still now.

In conclusion, I hope these tools will help you. These are very useful tools for Facebook marketing. If you have any queries related to the tools you can comment on here we will answer your query as soon as possible.

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