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13 Free Backlink Checker Tools for SEO

Backlinks are very essential for websites if you want to achieve exceptional SEO performance. Backlinks with SEO-optimized content, are two extremely important factors that can significantly improve your search ranking. There are many free backlink checker tools available online. Some tools provide free service and some with a daily limit. However, it will definitely help you to improve your SEO ranking.

Having more quality backlinks on your website suggests to the search engines that the content of your website deserves to be displayed at the top. This is why link building campaigns are very essential for search engine ranking.

But it is also necessary to check the type of backlinks you are getting. This should regularly improve the performance of your research.

we are suggesting 13 free backlink checker tools that will give you a better overview of the links you get from different sources.

This is probably one of the most popular among other free backlink checker tools. Although the paid version of Ahrefs offers much better features, the free version is still useful for a few quick details.

ahrefs free backlink checker tool

Ubersuggest – SEO Analyser

Ubersuggest backlink checker tool.This is one of my favorite tools which the best and most used tool. You can use this free backlink checker tool for free with a daily limit. It has a premium version which offers more results and features. However, you can use it freely if you want with their daily limit.

ubersuggest seo analyser

Google Search Console

Since Google is currently the leading search engine, Undoubtedly you can start with its own search engine tool for webmasters. The Google Search Console is one of the best free backlink checking tools you can find.

You can simply open the search console and choose the “Links” option in the left sidebar. You will find all types of links that your website has acquired to date.

If you are looking for such a reliable tool, choose the search console since it came directly from Google.

SEO SpyGlass

seo spyglass backlink checker

SEO Spyglass is one of the best free backlink checkers. You can download this on your pc and use it. With SEO SplyGlass, you can check above 1000 backlink reports. You will be able to see the pages to which these backlinks point.

You can also find the text to which the links are attached, also called anchor texts, and the website domain authority that gives you a backlink.

Competitor analysis is another feature available in SpyGlass. You have no limit as to the number of projects you can add to the tool and the backlink analysis is very detailed. And it also gives you the option to create custom backlink reports. However, if you are looking for high-volume campaigns, this tool may not be suitable for your needs.

monitor backlinks

It gives you the total number of indexed links and the ability to check multiple websites at once. While it is really useful, it is still limited to research on links.


Seobility offers a different functionality with its free version. Instead of limiting the number total of backlinks you can see for a website, Seobility only offers three queries that users can find.

seobility free backlink checker tool

You also do not need to register for this tool. Just visit their online tool and enter a website and it will offer you details on the website backlinks.

Small SEO Tools

small seo tools backlink checker tools
seo review tools free backlink seo checker tools

Rank Signals

rank signals free backlink checker tool

Cognitiveseo – Site Explorer

cognitive seo free backlink seo checker tool

Majestic Site Explorer

majestic site explorer free backlink checker tools
moz link explorer
the hoth free backlink checker tool

In Conclusion, Backlinks will really help websites to rank high in SERP (Search engine results page). We have picked up these free backlink tools which we felt best. You can use all these tools freely and some tools have free limits. If you have any queries related to the topic you can comment below.

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