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9 Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Keyword Research is the most important part of SEO. If you are working on SEO you might aware of Google keyword planner, which is a free tool from google for keyword research. we have listed some free keyword research tools below which are the best alternatives to Google Keyword Planner.

There are many other free keyword research tools available. Some tools are free and others have limited usage with a daily limit.

Let’s check the best and free keyword research tools that can help you boost your SEO for your website.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Google trends will help you to find trending topics and also you can use search terms to know how trending the search terms over the period of time.

It is also an indicator of the number of people searching for a specific term over a given period. It gives you an overview of the topics the world is looking for.

Trends can be further sorted based on their geographic location, categories, duration, etc. and it also allows you to compare your searches.

google trends free keyword research tool

The Google Trends platform is quite simple and user-friendly. They also have small graphics in addition to the title that shows you how hot or cold the subject is in a given amount of time.

Main features of Google Trend.

Displays the popularity of your keywords over time

Give Comparison between your searches

Stays up to date with the latest current trend.

Separate your results for images, news, or YouTube searches.

Keyword Sheeter

The keyword sheeter will help you to find related short and long-tail keywords of our given word.

They’ve managed to create a different way of doing keyword research in the competitive world of digital marketing. This new tool allows users to search directly there, displaying the associated keywords in the results. There is no need to register or pay for a subscription before you start using this useful tool.

keyword sheeter free keyword research tool

Google Search Console

As you know Google search console will help you to get queries on which your website got impressions and clicks. Based on that you can use keywords for your blog post.

google search console free keyword planner

Ahrefs – Keyword Generator

As you know it is a paid tool. However, you can use this ahrefs keyword generator tool for a free trial. It is one of the best and most used tools in keyword research.

ahrefs free keyword research tool


If you want short and long-tail keyword ideas for your blog content, then answer the public tool will be the best option to find related keyword ideas.

answer the public

“Answer the public” is a great tool for keyword research. If you need to find a very specific keyword, subject, or question, this site is the best for help.

How it reflect the results:

You can download all the resulting keywords in the csv file.

Displays the result of data Visually (can save the image)

Reflect keywords related to prepositions

Keyword Tool Dominator

This tool will give the search power of huge autocomplete databases from Google, YouTube, Amazon, Walmart, Bing, and eBay to uncover keywords used by users as terms in keyword research.

keyword dominator

Keyword Shitter

This is also like keyword shitter. You will get keyword ideas both short and long-tail keywords too.

keyword shitter


Undoubtedly Ubersuggest is the best option. This is also a paid tool, But you can use it freely on their daily limit. Try it, It is cheaper than ahrefs if you want to become a premium member.

ubersuggest keyword ideas


google keyword research

Google is one of the best and free platform for free keyword research. Whenever you search any keyword you will get keyword suggestions in the search box and you can use related keywords which appear at end of the search results.You will get questions people also asked in between search results which you can use it as your long tail keywords for your website.

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