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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics. Do you find it troublesome to track and analyze the performance of your website within the search engines? In addition to downloading software to track the SEO performance of your website, Google now offers a new integrated service especially for people working in the field of SEO who are working with the performance of their website

This Google tracking service is called Google Analytics. It’s a powerful service that tracks the success of your website on organic and paid search results. Google Analytics allows you to better understand the reaction of visitors to your website on your site. It offers you a seamless experience and detailed visitors to your website.

You’ll also know which keywords users associated with your website use frequently. You will be educated on the best link text that brings the most perspectives.

True to its name, Google Analytics shares analytics with you to help you better understand your website’s visitors and target their preferences.

Google Analytics provides information on how visitors interact with your site.

By doing a good evaluation of Google Analytics, webmasters will realize that this is an invaluable tool that they can and should use, especially if they do not have some form of tracking solution. visitors.

Google Analytics tells you which of your SEO campaigns generates the best return on investment or the best return on investment. If you’re unsure of the software you use to know your internet marketing results, Google Analytics is an effective tool for tracking the results of your Internet marketing campaigns. Now, next to Google AdWords, you can be sure to get important information on your website.

Powerful Tool

Google Adwords is an equally powerful service to place your website in search results based on certain keywords associated with your site. Google Adwords takes note of the keywords of your main website and effectively guarantees that your website appears in the search engine results.

On November 16, 2005, when Google renamed this Google Analytics service. It’s free for everyone and those who have signed up at the beginning are offered a whole new set of important and important information about visitors to your website.

However, those who are slow to sign up for this service can wait for Google to offer new Google Analytics signups.

Google Analytics uses tracking codes that ensure tracing of important user information to you. It uses codes in the destination URLs, making it easier for Google Analytics to track visitors to the website.

Important Reasons

Here are a few of the most important reasons why you want Google Analytics for track visitors to your website and you’ve got it on your website:

Its functionality is equivalent to the most expensive visitor tracking services, even if it is free.

The service is your solution to identify the places where visitors leave your order or registration process. Identifying it will help you to correct and change your user-friendly sign-up process. You will not be able to lose prospects anymore.

Using Google Analytics will help you identify the pages and links that visitors to your website click on the most. You can also view which page your visitors spend the most time on. So you can improve these pages correctly and position them correctly, as well as their links.

Are you wondering on the previous website that your website visitor has logged in before coming to your site? Analytics will tell you more.

The users of the most popular keywords are also entered into the search engine’s search bar to search for websites associated with your website. Knowing these popular keywords is a major asset for your SEO efforts and your performance, even on other search engines.

Analytics performs visitor segmentation.

It shows new and old users of the website, their geographic information and the reference source they use. This provides you with valuable information if you plan to start a new online business.

Google Analytics and Google Adwords ensure end-to-end visibility For search advertising results.

Overall, this Analytics provides you with a very economical service to gain more customers if you use its results.

Like most search engine services, Google Analytics has advantages and disadvantages.

Its configuration is very simple. You do not waste time waiting for the results

It is flexible enough, provides an excellent solution and a wide range of important and valuable reports

You can log in once and follow multiple sites. You have several websites to follow.

Google tracking allows you to track campaigns, even on other media.

Do not confuse the A / B advertising test

Its integration with all marketing media, so you can only use one portal to track multiple campaigns, is ingenious. You’ll get detailed reports on user site navigation.

It also has e-commerce tracking capabilities

However, the Google Analytics package is lagging behind two very important features that most marketers in search engines need. This is the ability to track the activities of individual users and track activity at an individual user level. Another possibility is the ability to track fraudulent online activities so that your site is protected.

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