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How do Facebook Ads work? – Its Advantages

Facebook ads

Facebook ads and Facebook is the Internet’s biggest traffic source for each and every business and growing internationally. Most of the entrepreneurs know that having well-targeted advertisements means profits – And that is what makes Facebook Ads so incredible. Let’s know more about Facebook ads.

Facebook Ad Types

Standard ads or sponsored stories.

Standard Ads

These are the regular advertisements you notice in the right sidebar of Facebook. The major elements of the standard ad are:


As an advertiser, you make a decision precisely what you need the ad to look like and to say.

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories turn users’ actions into paid advertisements in the right sidebar.

When any individual interacts along with your business on Facebook, you, as an advertiser, can turn this social action right into a paid ad. This is an effective way to leverage the power of social media.

Different Types of Ads

  • Link Click Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Boosted Page Posts
  • Page Like Ads
  • Mobile App Ads
  • Event Ads
  • Messenger Ads

How Facebook ads work

When it involves traffic generation, the usage of Facebook ads is, without a doubt, one of the quickest tactics by which you (either as a marketer or as an organization) can get your message out to millions of customers worldwide.

In this article, we will discuss everything you want to learn about Facebook ads(so that you’re going to have a greater figuring out, together with a really feel of ways is it like and about) such as how you’ll sign up as an advertiser in Facebook and set up your very first Facebook ad campaign, how you’ll target your customers, the place your advertisements will likely be shown, and finally, the kinds of advertisements that may produce the best results.

Signing Up A Facebook Ad

First and important, it’s free to sign up as an advertiser on Facebook. Also, you do not need to pay anything else to create a Facebook ad campaign.

However, your ad campaign needs to be manually approved through the ad approval team (that is not like Google Adwords, where your ads will get started showing within 10 to 15 mins once you have set on up).

How to Create an Effective Facebook Ad

There are two things which are important:

1) Right targeting

2) An attractive image

Unlike writing copy in other mediums, the text is much less important. It still matters, however, the image is your real grabber.

Your image will have to jump out and stand out. I’d recommend creating three separate images, letting it sit for a couple of hours and then finally opting for one.

Targeting the right audience is the most important. Start out by targeting specific group of people. You’ll get very less traffic, however, you will have to ensure that your offer actually converts to this specific group before you make bigger out to a broader user base.

Different Types Of Ad Pricing

When it involves paying in your ads, there are 2 different payment modes – Either PPC (which means you only pay each time anyone clicks on your ad) or pay per thousand impressions (which means you specify an amount you want to pay in your advertisements for each and every thousand times your advert is displayed for your targeted visitors).

Targeting Your customer

Facebook ads allows you to target your customers by:

Age group
Relationship status

Before you set up your first Facebook ads marketing campaign, it is very important that you just properly research to determine the demographics of your customers who are most interested in what you need to offer. Failure to do so will lead to you generating zero results out of your ad campaigns.
Once you choose which focused on choices you want, Facebook will deliver your advertisements immediately to users meeting your criteria.

Where Will Your Ads Be Shown

Your ads will likely be shown for your targeted visitors’ profile pages, pages or groups. For instance, in case your advert is about learning Hindi, then your advert would possibly appear on profile pages of those that have decided on Hindi as their interest, or pages which are relevance to learning Hindi.

What are My Payment Options for Facebook Ads?

As with many different online advertising options, you’ll make a choice from CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

If you might be basically considering users actually clicking through your website or page, you can most likely wish to go with CPC. This choice lets you point out the maximum amount you can pay for each and every click you get.

However, if you are extra considering getting your brand available in the market and just having your ad seen by as many people as possible, CPM generally is a good selection. This choice lets you point out how much you are prepared to pay for 1000 people viewing your ad.

Facebook ads Advantages

One of the most important advantages of the use of Facebook ads is that they are really easy to set up! Facebook has made setting up advertisements and managing them so very easy and time-efficient that almost anyone can get started the use of them at any time. The reports they give you also are great for seeing what kinds of audiences are maximum viewing your ads and the way continuously that can assist you to adjust and better your run times and budgets and get essentially the most from your Facebook ads.

Ads on Facebook are seen by millions of people everywhere in the world. If your products or products and services are worldwide, you will have the good thing about reaching audiences all over the place. In addition, in case your corporate is nation-wide and even only a small local business, Facebook lets you target in on very small and particular areas to turn your ads or even lets you make a decision which age group of people your advertisements would most appeal to. There are quite a lot of different demographics that may be custom adapted to absolutely best fit your target audience as well. so you’ll all the time ensure the right people who will likely be most likely to seek out your services and products are seeing your advertisements all the time.

Making Money with Facebook

The secret to making money with Facebook is to carefully target simply the people who find themselves possibly to buy your product, then making a killer ad that grabs attention and jumps off the screen.

If you will have those two parts, you can very most likely make a killing on Facebook Ads.

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