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How To Do On Page Optimization in SEO ?

Getting a good rank on search engines is becoming difficult these days as search engines are getting smarter every day. Content always plays an important role but to get an edge over competitors, companies need to focus on On-Page Optimization techniques. Indian Digital Marketing has experts who have in-depth experience in optimizing websites on search engines.

Some of the Strategies we use to do On page Optimization are:

Title Optimization:

Title tag plays an important role in SEO on-page optimization, choose title tag keeping in mind the Business/Industry, keywords, etc. to get better results.

Utilize Proper Heading Tags :

You should utilize going to feature different headings, sub-headings, and significant focuses.

In WordPress, the title tag is set at H1 by default.

You don’t need to use any more H1 tags anyplace in the article.

For content breaks, use to H2 and H3 tags.

Likewise, don’t utilize a more number of H2 or H3 labels as Google’s calculations won’t that way.

Keywords In On Page Optimization:

Do enough research on keywords that are based on market competition to get an edge over others.

Meta Tags:

Description of the website always play an important role, we carefully choose words that should give search engines better readability as per the business requirements.

HTML Tags:

Highlighting some of the tags of the website is very important as search engines give immense weightage to these tags.

Link Optimization:

To get better navigation, emphasize on inbound as well as outbound links.


Search engines don’t read images, so we prefer to give Alt tags to all images so that it should have some meaning which in turn gives an edge over others.

Post Permalink Structure:

Ensuring your URL is shown effectively is a significant on-page metric. Once more, you should utilize your objective Keyphrase in the URL, and abstain from utilizing exceptional characters, images, sections, commas, and so forth inside the genuine URL.

Case of a decent permalink:


Keyword Density:

You should keep the Keywords of around 1.5% percent with a blend of LSI keywords.

Utilize your fundamental keyword once in the primary section and again in the last passage. What’s more, use it in the substance where it bodes well.

Look at:

Online Free Keyword Density Calculator Tools

Pictures with Alt tag + Meaningful name:

Picture enhancement helps a ton in driving rush hour gridlock from picture look.

Keywords in the “picture title” and the “alt content” help to make your blog entry progressively engaged and focused on.

Ensure you give an important name to the picture before transferring. Furthermore, in the wake of adding a picture to a WordPress page or an article, include alt content.

Including Alt Tags for Picture, Pictures make a commitment. you should use proper alt tags for an image in your site for getting indexed by search engines

Benefits of On-Page SEO

Improve your online presence
A website can easily be searched by the target market
Visible to the large audience/users
Return on investments is high
Improve Search engine Ranking
Increased Traffic on the website

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