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31 PPC Interview Questions and Answers

Google Adwords/PPC Interview Questions 2021

Areyou worrying about how to prepare for Google AdWords/PPC interview questions ? for your next job interview, Don’t you are here in the right place where we can solve your doubts in google AdWords.

Google Adwords or now you can say it as Google ads because now it is changed as google ads. As It was changed it’s name and its logo on July 24-2018. Whether you can say it as google Adwords/google ads but the work which it delivers is the same.

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If you are looking for a job in google ads, then you might be looking for top google Ads interview questions. We have listed here the best

So, let’s check out What are the google ads/PPC Interview Questions and Answers mostly asked in interviews? google ads interview questions and answers

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PPC Interview Questions for freshers

google ads interview questions experianced

1. Explain the term PPC or what is PPC digital marketing?

PPC full form is Pay-per-click is also known as cost per click(CPC). In this type of advertising, the advertiser pays the owner of the website, when someone clicks on the advertisement. It’s one of the methods used to send traffic to the website.

2. What are the types of PPC?

There are two types of PPC.

  1. Flat-rate PPC: when the advertiser and publisher agree upon a flat rate for the click.
  1. Bid based PPC: cost depends upon the demand of the term at the time of the search.

3. What is the difference between PPC and Adword?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is the most popular marketing model of internet marketing and which advertisers pay each time when someone clicks on their ads. Adword (now it is called google ads) is an online tool, where we create and manage campaigns ad groups, and ads to run online advertising.

4.Explain how Google AdWords/ads work?

Google AdWords works on the basis of an auction system, where the price of the bid and the quality level determines, whether an ad will appear at the top of Google.

5. Why PPC is important in digital marketing?

PPC is important and digital marketing for the following reasons. You can reach the right customer at the right time and PPC shows results quickly as compared to organic campaigns. So, PPC can be effective in advertising products that are difficult to find easily.

6. what is quality score in google adwords/ads?

Quality Score is the rating given by Google based on the relevancy of keywords used and the PPC ad design. It is based upon multiple factors like CTR, keyword relevance, and landing page quality and relevance of ad text, and performance of previous ads.

7. What are the different keyword match types in google adwords?

  • What is an Exact Match ?

This is when visitors search with the same keyword or a very close variant. The CTR is the highest with an exact match.

  • What is a Phrase Match ?

This shows the ad only when the search carries the exact phrase from the keyword or very close variation.

  • What is a Broad Match?

With broad match ads show up automatically with relevant variations of your keywords. It is the default match type assigned with the keywords until you specify anything otherwise fourth negative matched list of keywords for which near ad doesn’t show up.

8. What are the advantages of using a broad match?

Broad match the default match type assigned with your keywords. The two important advantages of this match type are first, it saves keyword list building time, and second, it saves the money by spending it on keywords that work. The system takes care of this automatically.

9.Should PPC be used by big brands only?

Not all brands can get the most out of PPC. It all depends on finding the relevant target. So, try intent keywords that will work effectively

10. What is the ad rank?

Ad rank is your position on the google page and is determined by quality score.

11. Which qualities would you look for to determine if the PPC keyword is so effective?

In order to be effective, the PPC keyword should possess the following qualities.


  • the relevance of targeted keywords.

The second

  • Expanse of the keyword list should constantly be growing and adapting to refine and expand a campaign.


  • Exhaustive keywords should be more specific and less common. your keyword search should be popular and frequently searched terms.

12. How would you ensure that your pay-per-click campaign is effective?

In order to ensure that, their PPC campaign is effective, you should keep the following things in mind

Firstly, the keywords should be relevant to the search query.

Secondly, add more keywords so as to expand the reach of your PPC.

Thirdly, constantly study and review the keywords, which are expensive and underperforming.

Fourthly, each landing page should load fast and effectively to communicate the product or service.

Fifthly, include a call to action in the ad and explain briefly what they should expect to find when they click on your ad.

13 what things do you have to bear in mind while building your keyword list?.

Building the keywords list is an important task and PPC marketing. your PPC marketing efforts will be effective only if you choose the correct keywords. the right keywords will give you the required traffic to your website .first know your target audience. second, analyze your competitors. third check your existing offerings fourth check the analytics result carefully. fifth use keywords expansion tools.

14. Explain what is conversion optimizer in google AdWords?

Google AdWords uses a conversion optimizer for manipulation Because to decide, who clicks on the ad, which maximizes the return on investment.

15. Mention some of the Google AdWords ad extensions?

  • Call extensions
  • site link extension
  • callout extension
  • Promotion extension
  • Affiliate location extension
  • App extension
  • Affiliate Location extension
  • Lead form extension
  • Price extension
  • Structured snippet extension

16. How will you increase conversion rates by creating an ad?

Using closely matched keywords and ad groups makes it easy to target users to a campaign and increase conversions.

17. What is the limit for the number of characters for AdWords ad?

Now you can add Headline up to 30 characters. The first description length is 90 characters. The destination URL should be 1024 characters. No images are permitted in the URL.

18. How does adoption work on Google AdWords?

Ad auction runs billions of times each month and the most relevant ads are shown to the user is based on what they are viewing.

19. What is the character limit for AdWords ad?.

  • Headline – 30 characters
  • description line 80 characters.

20. Which settings cannot be changed after creating an AdWords account?

Timezone and currency.

So, you should be very aware before setting up your google ads account for this setting.

21.what should be the ideal quality score for AdWords?

Google benchmarked a good score from 5 and above as the ideal quality score for best results.

22.What is CTR and how to calculate it?

CTR click-through rate is used to measure the success of an ad. To calculate CTR, you can use the formula the number of clicks divided by a number of impressions into 100 equals CTR(Clicks/Impressions*100)

23. What is the difference between clicks and impressions?

Every time, when a user views the ad, it is called an impression. whether a user clicks on the ad or not. whereas a click is considered when the user clicks on the ad.

24. What are the different types of automatic bidding strategies?

The different automatic bidding strategies and AdWords are maximizing clicks automatically. So, adjust the bid to get as many likes as per the budget, Target search page location automatically.

Sets bid to increase the chances of an ad getting displayed at the top of the google search page or on the First Search page.

Target outranking share, automatic setting of bids to outrank a domain, and how often target CPA. Automatically Sets a bid to get the maximum conversions as for the target CPA and have CPC automatically adjust bids to maximize conversions.

25.What is the use of conversion optimizer?

Conversion optimizer and AdWords is a tool that manages bids at the keyword level and decides which clicks on the ad will be valuable leading to higher ROI return on investment.

26. What are the targeting options in search Network ads?

Keywords, demographics, interests, and topics as well as placements.

27. What are the targeting options in display ads?

Remarketing, demographics, interests, topics, placements, and auto and manual.

28. What are the different types of access levels in Adwords?

The different types of access levels are email access, read-only access, standard access, and admin access.

29.What is ad rotation?

When there are multiple ads within an Ad group, the ads will rotate as only why not at a time can be shown from a single account

30.What is Google ad API?

Google Ad API is designed for large tech-savvy advertisers and third parties. It allows developers to build an application, that will interact directly with the Google AdWords server.

31. How can you track conversions in Google AdWords(Google Ads)?

Tracking conversions can be done by using the basic tracking code provided by Ad words and modifying it.

The view-through conversion window option tracks, when a person sees your ad but does not click it. you can also access the search funnels inside tools and analysis, where you can know when customers click on an ad for the first time and how frequently they saw your ad before getting converted.

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