Use Of WordPress – 10 Reasons Why It is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

use of wordpress

What is the use of WordPress

WordPress is a platform that is can be used to make a website, blog, and app. Today, WordPress is a quick solution for your website content. It is a node between the content and the user to create and publish web pages. From a blogger to a businessman, having a website is mandatory.

Building a website takes time and we need most of the things to have an automated solution. Such the solution is WordPress which is developed for web page creation including details of referencing, meta description, adding images, and more a web page requires.

WordPress first started as a secure publication platform but now it has nearly 60 million websites of all sizes and most well-known brands use a platform for creating web page content. Bloomberg, CNN, Linkedin, Bata, Toyota, Bookmyshow, Indian express are among some popular brands that use the content management system to the content of their web page.

Using WordPress for a website a Good choice?!

Yes indeed. Let’s check how use of wordpress is good for business.

10 Ultimate reasons to Use WordPress

1. Open-source Software

One of the reasons why a business or blogger chooses the platform is because it is free and tagged for its open-source software. You are free to do anything with the content management system and can even modify the source code if necessary for your website. We can be the only leader by managing the site across the canal.

2. SEO friendly

SEO is most important for a website to raise your product. It is one of those platforms where it helps ensure that your keywords are placed at 97% without the need for SEO tools to do its job. It solves many SEO concerns and makes research easier to search engines like (google and bing) to improve the content of your site. Isn’t that cool enough !!

3. Themes and plug-ins

WordPress promotes our page with themes and Plug-ins to make your site visible and work as you as. There is no need to hire professionals or developers to maintain the page for your website.

4. Makes the web page a breeze

The platform does everything from the software installation to site management easy for us. It allows you to do everything without any coding knowledge and hardly needs a second to post your message.

5. Safe Platform

Malware, hacking is still a major problem when it comes to the Internet and its objects. Hackers are still trying to find a way to encroach on security. However, it’s made to protect your accounts by improving with security updates. Use Word only to download plug-ins that can secure your sites from hackers.

6. Power-Packed with a support community

The platform has a support community that consists of users as well as developers. The support group is still ready to help users with a lot of queries, including troubleshooting your problems. You can now check WordPress related questions via WordPress Forums and can also check out blog posts to better understand how to write better content.

7. Compatible

The other favorable reason is that the platform supports any website whether it’s an eCommerce or any other business website for specific purposes. If your business is e-commerce then it has plugins like WooCommerce where you can turn your website into a million-dollar business of your website.

8. Supports multimedia

A website looks dull if it has no colors. WordPress easily integrates images, videos, and more with just by pressing the download button or even integrating it codes via HTML zones. So, It can save your web page from a low bounce rate.

9. A multi-user factory

WordPress allows multi-user access to run your website if you’re not the only one who managing the website. However, WordPress maintains your page with a super administrator, editor, author, etc.

10. A well-designed dashboard

Its dashboard is the same for each individual. A user the dashboard consists of daily statistics, updates comments, best posts, and search at the top.

Some WordPress Facts

  • WordPress was released on May 27, 2003, by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.
  • WordPress.Org includes 55,131 plug-ins. Native platform applications available for Web, Android, ios, Blackberry, and Windows phone.
  • Its codes are named after jazz musicians who start from version 1.0 (Davis) to the latest 5.4.1 Version (Nat Adderley).
  • The platform is written in PHP.

WordPress continues to grow and improve its platform by adding new features and more Customizations to help users create a unique object content of the web page.

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