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What is Podcasting and How to Start It ?

What is the meaning of Podcasting

Podcasting is very similar to a typical radio show in many ways. It’s merely a virtual audio recording available for download from the internet. For an online business owner, growing your own podcast is an extension of the content to your website. Podcasting makes your message more private and tangible for your audience.

Podcasting is not only about listening anymore! It is about sharing what’s essential to you.

Traditional radio and tv will depend on massive listeners to “drive the needle.” If you’ve got a faithful following but not huge numbers; or if the advertisers don’t see a large return on their investment (ROI), your program will drop.


Podcasting has change into a big approach for people to expand a RELATIONSHIP with their audience.

Relationships happen as a result of the stories being told and the listeners are learning a factor or two along the best way.

Storytellers are searching for listeners and Listeners are searching for interesting and attractive stories.

If you actually look it in that light, because of this radio become so widespread 100 years in the past. It may be why tv becomes so widespread within the mid 20th century. The talent to tell stories and seize your listener’s imagination.

It may be what sparked the expansion of social media platforms within the remaining 15 years or so. People telling their stories in some way that many of us outside in their normal circle may participate.

Today, podcasting is on pace to outperform them all!

Just like with tv and radio, the most well-liked methods with podcasting will likely be those who establish an EMOTIONAL RELATIONSHIP between the audience and the host.

Podcasting is a method to connect with a listening audience emotionally. Podcasting is a way so that you can tell a story in a cost-effective method that may succeed in, affect and possibly have an effect on an enormous audience.

Once people have noticed how influential podcasting has developed nowadays, they will start to learn and know how to establish those emotional relationships with people they don’t even know.

Podcasting is some way for people to share their stories. It is one of the ways for them to make new connections. Podcasting is some way for them to grow their impact and make a distinction within the lives of other people and to make a lasting impact on this world.

Example of Podcasting

  • The Interview Podcast
  • The Solo Podcast
  • The Panel Show
  • Conversational and co-hosted Podcasts
  • Non-fiction storytelling podcasts
  • Fiction storytelling podcasts
  • Repurposed content
  • Hybrid Podcasts

How to start podcasting?

Invest In Good Software

At a basic stage, you can use a smartphone to record a podcast. There are software/applications that record audio directly from your mobile. You can then add it to the internet. But some of the key issues for beginning a podcast is to be aware of sound quality. There is a specialist tool for podcasting that may make you and your business sound extra professional.

Use The Right Microphone

Buy a microphone that has noise-canceling options, and that connect via USB and not cordless because the USB model supply higher high quality. You need a directional mic that catches sound in front of it and should not around it.


When you first start podcasting it might take some practice. Take the time to record a few practice presentations prior to you put your show live to be able to become relaxed about how you sound and communicate with your audience.

Keep The Room Quiet

You’ll more than likely get started recording your podcast in your bedroom or house workplace. But you do not need it to sound like you are. Do what you’ll be able to make sure the room remains quiet while you record your show and keep away from interruptions from members of the family.

Invite Special Guests

Try to ask visitors who’re experts in their area of interest and their businesses. Once you get started your podcast you’ll be surprised at what number of people are open to interviews. When you interview anyone they are getting publicity for his or her business additionally – so it is a win/win situation for all involved.

Be Consistent

Recording your personal podcast frequently. It’s necessary that your audience become reliant on listening to your podcast on a specific date and time. It sometimes takes a while for a just-right audience to catch on, and in case you are not podcasting frequently you’ll never catch on.

Stay on Niche

This will also be difficult when you are recording a podcast because of having to regularly come up with subjects for presentations. But, you want any person who listens to understand who you’re talking to and to not end up uninterested because of aiming for the wrong audience.

A podcast provides on-demand and targeted content that your audience is in search of. It’s free to your audience, they are able to listen to it on the go and lets you connect together with your audience much better than text-based media.

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