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Social Media Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Social media marketing interview questions and answers ( for freshers and experienced)

Welcome to the social media marketing interview question. We cover conceptual behavioral situational and other experience-based questions that social media professionals can expect at their interview.

let’s start with social media marketing interview questions

1. what is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a branch of marketing. Where one uses computer-mediated technology to promote a product or service. You can also say that social media marketing helps to reach a large target audience and enables companies to track their progress with different data analytics tools.

2. why is social media marketing important?

This is the age of computers and the internet. The world is moving more and more towards virtual communication and social media is playing a key role in that. The time that people are spending on social media is increasing every day. Social media marketing helps in grabbing the attention of potential customers, when they are away from traditional media like TV radio, etc. You can say that it helps to build in a form. A brand makes it easy to communicate with a larger audience and potential customers. Also, you can say that social media is all about relationship building. So, it increases the brand’s visibility while building relationships.

Now the marketing to social media users can be quite targeted with the available demographic details of the users and most importantly the investment for social media marketing would be your time as you all know that all the major platforms have no signup fee. So, in this manner, you can answer this question.

3.socialmedia marketing is a new initiative for us how would you ensure that it is successful?

This strategy is very important in social media marketing which helps your business analyze and evaluate its growth. So you are a few things a social media manager should begin with.

So to start with, you can say that you need to check the current social media presence. You need to check the networks. The company is currently active on and to what extent they are being utilized. You need to check your profile versus the profile of competitors.

The next thing you can say that you need to identify the customers. You need to understand your customers well. So that these services and brands fit them to keep in mind factors like age, location, income, etc.

Then, you can also say that you need to build key success metrics to monitor. You need to check the conversion rate brand mention shares, time spend on the website, etc., to know, if social media efforts are successful. Also, you can say that you need to create engaging content and you need to know what topics you need to write on and how often will you post your content. You can also make use of social media management tools. Now the biggest advantage of having a management tool is that it allows scheduled posts ahead of time.

So, you can decide the correct time, when to post and when your post can be most effective, and lastly, you can say that you need to track and analyze the result. Because this strategy can not be constant .you will have to keep changing it, as required.

you should know to track and evaluate each step. See how and what works and what does not in this way you can answer this question.

4. What are the key things a social media manager does?

You can say that the first one would be strategic planning. The social media manager has to focus on brand awareness, engagement, traffic, signups, etc. The managers’ goal should be aligned with the overall company’s goals. Hence, there is a need to strategize you can say that he needs to create engaging content. The manager’s role is not just to create content but to create content, that keeps the audience engaged. He needs to create content or get created all sorts of content from blogs and more. The next one would be scheduling. We see that certain polls do well in the morning or in the evening or on weekends.

So, this shows that the manager has to plan and work on scheduling his post well in advance. So, this makes a lot of difference to the brand. one more important tasks that a manager performs is budgeting.

Now, budgeting knowledge is very important. There would be an allocated budget to work with. As you would have to pay for paid advertisements as well as social media management tools. Design images etc. So, to answer this question you can say that these are the main tasks that asocial media manager performs.

5.what are the goals of a good social media campaign?

You need to explain what is a social media campaign. Now a social media campaign is a collaborated marketing effort to assist. The ultimate business goal using one or more social media platforms.

As in traditional marketing ensure that the goals of your social media marketing campaign are measurable and discrete. Now, some of the goals for social media campaigns can be building brand awareness, improving brand engagement, increasing website traffic, generating leads, and driving sales to improve customer service on social platforms.

You can also say that increase PR and online and print media, creating an email marketing list. So, these could be some of the goals for a good social media campaign.

6. How would you measure the success of your social media marketing campaign?

Social media is an effective platform for marketing. So, measuring the results of a campaign depends upon the things behind the campaign. So, some of the parameters can be a number of posts published an increase in the number of comments on social shares.

Increasing the number of backlinks to your site. Increasing the number of followers, increasing the number of subscriptions, an increase in account creation submission of the query form, an increase in online sales. So, this could be some of the parameters with which you can measure the success of your social media marketing campaign.

7. Have you ever handled a crisis situation explain?

A mature manager needs to answer this question based on his experience. He needs to be able to identify the crisis and have crisis management in place. So you need to focus on your answer. On what kind of crisis management plan you had and what did you do once you had recognized that.

This is a crisis situation. So, you need to give an example. you can say something like in one of the recent incidents. I was working as a social media manager for a baby product client. We had just released a big-budgeted ad campaign. After three-four days, we have noticed some negative tweets about the ad, and we had set a crisis threshold which is less than 3 negative mentions.

We would observe and monitor closely more than five negative mentions. Assigned the messages to the Public Relations manager and more than 10 negative mentioned. started a crisis management plan. So, when we realized that the number of negative comments has started, getting above 5, we acted promptly. As those who are affected by the crisis won the answers quickly. So, we worked on providing those answers before anyone else does.

Now, this helps in maintaining the customer’s believes that the company is transparent and willing to provide the solution. We responded to all the queries and complaints this helps in maintaining the customer’s trust. so, it is very important to keep communicating within the company and with stammers to prevent false information and rumors from spreading. so, in this way, you can give an example of how you handle a crisis situation to answer this (social media marketing questions)question.

8 . Does social media marketing has a plus over traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is everywhere, you have to understand that traditional marketing could also be larger than social media marketing but it’s a couple of drawbacks. So, to answer this question you can say something like the cost involved in social media marketing is comparatively very less. it is far less than that of radio and television even the cost of producing. the promotional material is very low comparatively.

Also, you can say that social media marketing gives you the chance of hearing back from your customers directly. also, you can mention that it helps you to build trust and emotional attachment with the end-users .you can also say that social media platform knows the demographic of their customers, which can help in making the campaign more targeted so in this way you need to answer this question

9 .what are some of the things you would do to make your social media campaign successful?

This actually depends on the purpose of your campaign .so, your social media campaign can help you in getting the desired result. so, some of the things you can do are first, you need to interact. you need to get your users to interact in your social media post .certain things you can do are take a poll to provide reviews, make them ask questions, enter the contest, etc. also you need information and you need to give them a reason to give you that information. so, you need to offer some exciting price discounts in exchange for their information and make sure that they are relevant also when the campaign is on you got to answer each and every comment attentively. so, you would like to maintain proactive engagement if any question is asked to answer it correctly.

You can also promote your social media campaign on all platforms even if it is only on one platform. also, your online presence should adapt to reinforce the campaign, and most importantly you have to keep monitoring your campaign and adjusting the strategy as required. so, these are some of the important things you can do to make your social media campaign successful.

10. How are you able to increase your reach on Facebook?

So to answer this question, you’ll say that you got to create a mixture of interesting content, which individuals desire to share. you can also say that, you simply got to post most native and live videos and repost what work last time .you’ll also say that you would like to tag appropriate post and people you would like to pay high attention to audience engagement and also you to need to work with paid promotion so in this way you can increase your reach on Facebook.

11. Do you know some social media marketing tools?

In order to answer this question, you need to talk about the tools, which you have used in your strategy. Now some of the tools are tweet deck. This allows you to view multiple timelines in one easy interface. the next one you can talk about Hootsuite, which helps you to easily manage all social media accounts. through one dashboard, you can also talk about radian6, which is an enterprise social media management application for campaigns post analytics and research. Also, you can talk about the WordPress editorial calendar plugin, which is an editorial calendar plugin, that gives you the most reliable sure way to grow a successful WordPress blog. so these are some of the social media marketing tools.

12 .what is Facebook Edge Rank and why is Edge Rank important?

Facebook EdgeRank is a famous Gotham, which Facebook uses to decide which article should be displayed in the user’s news feed .now it is important as it measures, the like-mindedness between your followers and you. also, it measures, how it engages the readers to the links, images, videos, and content. the time, when you put up your post. now all these features, help to understand EdgeRank and impact the marketing strategy of your Facebook business page.

13.what is RSS feed and what is its benefit?

RSS is a rich site summary it’s an XML file. these field push content to the company site and enables readers to subscribe to their feed. now the benefit of getting thisI’ll make it possible for you to get the wider following for the content. also, it helps you in email subscription feeding content to readers and lives to bookmark.

14. How active are you personally on social media?

When hiring a social media professionals, the recruiting managers will see the online presence. you need to develop a strong presence on all media networking sites and specifically tell them the number of followers in each platform .also you need to know about the latest trends as social media marketing is all about spotting and analyzing trends., so it is the practical experience that counts here.

If you have any questions on Social media marketing interview questions and answers, you can comment below or you can send mail. we will keep update on Social media marketing interview questions and answers.

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